JUDr. Miloš Holub, Ph.D.,

a lawyer (*1978) has been active in legal profession since 2003. After participating in candidate attorney training he was registered in the Register of Lawyers. Between 2007 and 2010 he practised the Bar as partner in GHP company, the solicitor´s office, the general partnership seated in Prague. Since 2011 he has been performing the Bar independently. He is engaged in civil, family law (divorce, common property of spouses), law of debenture (civil and business contracts), administration of claims, criminal defence, offence law as well as canon law. He is an external graduate at the Law Faculty of Charles University in Prague. In his graduate education he is concerned with comparative studies of selected issues of the Italian and Czech Law. In the past he worked in the area of tourist industry focusing mainly on Italy. He can speak Italian fluently and very good English. He has a passive command of German, Spanish and Portuguese.

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JUDr. Petr Kazda,

a lawyer (*1977) participated in his candidate attorney training in the solicitor´s office of JUDr. Jiří Sobotka and JUDr. Libor Fiedler in Nymburk between 2003 - 2006. He commenced his independent chamber practice on 1 November 2006 in Nymburk. Since 1 April 2011 he has been running a branch of a solicitor´s office in Prague. He has been performing general solicitor´s practice including the civil law, criminal law, labour law, administration law, business law and social security law. At his practice he speaks English actively. He has a passive command of German and Spanish.

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